Rodeo 101 - Ladies Breakaway Roping

Rodeo 101 – Ladies Breakaway Roping

It is a rodeo event that features a calf, cowgirl and her horse. Breakaway roping is a variation of tie down roping where a calf is roped, but not thrown and tied. Time stops when calf is roped and breaks the rope away from the saddle horn tied…
Rodeo 101 - Bull Riding

Rodeo 101 – Bull Riding

A contestant climbs on the back of a 2,000 lb bull with the determination to ride for 8 seconds. Bull Riding is dangerous and predictably exciting, demanding intense physical and mental toughness and courage.
Rodeo 101 - Tie Down Roping

Rodeo 101 – Tie Down Roping

The roots of this event can be traced back to the working ranches of the old west. This event mimics when calves were sick they had to be roped for quick veterinary treatment.
Rodeo 101 - Saddle Bronc

Rodeo 101 – Saddle Bronc

A rodeo event in which the contestant attempts to ride a bucking horse for eight seconds. Unlike bareback, but similar to the ways of the old west, the horse is equipped with a regulation saddle and braided rein attached to the halter that rider…
Rodeo 101 - Barrel Racing

Rodeo 101 – Barrel Racing

A rodeo event, usually for women, in which a horse and rider must run a cloverleaf preset pattern competing for the fastest time.
Rodeo 101 - Steer Wrestling

Rodeo 101 – Steer Wrestling

The objective of a steer wrestler also know as a “bulldogger”, is to use strength and technique to wrestle a steer to that ground as quick as possible competing for the fastest time.
Rodeo 101 - Team Roping

Rodeo 101 – Team Roping

The only true team event in pro rodeo requires close cooperation and timing between header and healer. The event originated on ranches when cattle needed to be treated or branded and the animal too large for one cowboy to handle.
Rodeo 101 - Bareback

Rodeo 101 – Bareback

A contestant/cowboy riding a bucking horse for 8 seconds without a saddle. This event requires skill, balance, and coordination.