Crescent Creek Angus

Crescent Creek Angus

Location: Goodeve, SK
Name: Wes Olynyk

Mike set forth a philosophy early on. The cowherd had to be functional and strong in the true characteristics that made the Angus cow so popular. Herd sire selection was of the highest priority. Herd bulls had to be mothered by superior cows. Many miles and time was dedicated to this effort.

The backbone of the CCA herd is truly the walking bulls used in this program. Herd bulls were to be tested and measured, and if they made the grade then were used for many years.

Mike’s philosophy is still used to this day at Crescent Creek. We still believe in the use of strong walking bulls for many years. Line breeding is used with great results. Our herd is unique in that you will find but a handful of AI sired cows from industry leading bulls. We believe our herd is a definite alternative. We truly appreciate all the support we have received for our program. One of the best gifts from this business is seeing out seed stock help others be successful and do well by them.

Wade marks the 5th generation of Olynyk on the homestead, and the future looks bright with him.

Our marketing philosophy is simple: we strive to produce superior seed stock for both the commercial and purebred industries. ​